I currently hold the position of Researcher and Engineer at the Huawei 2012 Lab. I earned my Ph.D. from the Systems and Ubiquitous Networking (SUN) group within the Institute of Trustworthy Networks and Systems (TNS) at Tsinghua University in 2023. Under the guidance of Professor Yuan He, my doctoral research focused on Mobile Computing, Extended Reality (XR), Streaming. Prior to this, I attained my Bachelor of Science degree from the School of Software at Tsinghua University in 2018.


SpatialGaze: Towards Spatial Gaze Tracking for Extended Reality
Songzhou Yang, Yuan He, Yulong Chen
TPCI, Transactions.


Continuous Gaze Tracking with Implicit Saliency-Aware Calibration on Mobile Devices
Songzhou Yang, Yuan He, Meng Jin
TMC, Transactions.


vGaze: Implicit Saliency-Aware Calibration for Continuous Gaze Tracking on Mobile Devices
Songzhou Yang, Yuan He, Meng Jin
INFOCOM 2021, Virtual Conference.


A Hierarchical VR Streaming System through a WiFi Connection
Songzhou Yang, Junchen Guo, Xiaolong Zheng, Xinpeng Zhang, Chunya Liu, Pengyu Li, Meng Jin, Yuan He
EWSN 2019, Beijing, Beijing, China.


FoVR: Attention-based VR Streaming through Bandwidth-limited Wireless Networks
Songzhou Yang, Yuan He, Xiaolong Zheng
SECON 2019, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.



  • CaμsKit


    Toolkit for large performances (such as student festivals). It consists of deployment of enterprise WLAN (WiFi Network), WeChat wall, lottery page and Danmaku system. This project is led by Mengyu Zhou